Edward Heraux Founder & President

Founder Edward Heraux started out as a technical trainer, but moved into consulting very early in his career. After about 15 years as an independent contractor in data architecture, ETL, and reporting, he saw an opportunity after realizing that every new customer had tales of nightmare experiences with consultants. Abandoned projects, over-billing with no progress to show for it, lies about deliverables and their capabilities, and more stories of how they could never reconcile what was promised with what was being delivered.

It was clear at that point that transparency, honesty, and clarity were rare in the business whereas they should be standard.

Consulting contracts are for work that the client cannot fulfill themselves, and so building and keeping trust are critical to the customer’s mere business continuity, and usually to the customer’s ability to thrive in their mission. So the Lytic Group (formerly Computize! Consulting) was founded on a commitment to everything that it takes for its clients to feel they’re getting the truth at all steps of an engagement.

We go out of our way to make sure our customers know what we know, good news and bad, throughout every engagement. That takes transparency, expertise on our part, and putting great communicators to work.

“We lead with transparency, expertise, and clear communication” 


...is to wow our customers with the best relationship they’ve ever had with a solutions provider.

We’ll do this with robust yet flexible, lasting business intelligence solutions, close relationships, unparalleled transparency into our teams' work, and consistent satisfaction to customers from a broad range of industries.

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