Dirty Data Part 2 - Data Quality Techniques
Edward Heraux April 15,2021

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” said Ben Franklin. Second of my two-part look at winning against dirty data, I'll apply this idea to your data quality and data hygiene efforts.

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Don't Get Caught with Dirty Data (Part One)
Edward Heraux December 03,2020

Your data warehouses have so many sources of unclean data. How do you PROACTIVELY handle data hygiene?

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“My On-Prem Data Warehouse Is Just Fine Where It Is.”
Edward Heraux October 06,2020

Your data warehouse and reporting databases may have preformed adequately for a while now and quietly stayed out of your way . But are they as ready for your next wave of data? Here are our Top 4 reasons why they're not.

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